The Run Your Bass Off race is held in conjunction with the Lions Crystal Falls Bass Festival.

It consists of three races - ALL WELL MARKED


This race starts at Runkle Lake Park and follows markers to M-69, making a right.  It continues crossing the Paint River up the hill past the VFW, making a right on 2nd (St. Vincent DePaul Store), go one block and make a left on Crystal Avenue, go one block to 3rd Street (Nash Funeral Home), follow the road and make a right on 6th street, go down the hill before the Power Plant Bridge, turn left, and follow the road until it forks, then follow Paint River Road around the curve to meet Power Plant Road.  Continue back the same way you came - make a left on 6th Street and cross the bridge to Fairbanks Drive and follow the road up the hill.  Make a left at the first street (still considered Fairbanks Drive) in the Western Location - continue straight through the old airport location following dirt road towards the softball filed and back to Runkle Lake.

Half Bass -

Start at Runkle Lake, and follow the dirt road through the old airport location and get on to Fairbanks Drive.  Continue on Fairbanks making a right turn as you leave the Western Location.  Follow Fairbanks down the hill and cross the Paint River Bridge to 6th Street.  Follow 6th Street up the hill, and make a left on 3rd Street, and continue past the Nash Funeral Home.  Turn left on Crystal Avenue and go one block.  Make a right on 2nd Street and continue for one block.  Then turn left on Superior Avenue/M-69 and follow across the Paint River bridge and past the cemetery.  Then turn left into Runkle Lake Park.

2 Mile Walk

The walk starts at Runkle Lake and continues to highway to M-69,  then turn right onto Logan Street and continue to Fairbanks Road.  Go left on Fairbanks Rd. and then left on Adams St.  Then take a right onto Garfield St. and then left on Wagner St.  Continue on Wagner back to highway M-69. Then go left on M-69 back to Runkle Lake Park.


Run Your Bass Off